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Rachel/Santana series on Fanfiction.net

Hi, I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.
I'm looking for a story I've read years ago, when the show was still airing. I think it was around season 2-3, before part of the cast graduated high school. I'm sure it was on Fanfiction.net.
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Found: 'Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed' series by thememoriesfire

Kurt Broadway

A story I read I don't know how long ago where Kurt gets a role on stage,  I think it was off Broadway, while Rachel is preparing for Funny Girl. 

Things I remember: Rachel has gone a little crazy because of the role, Santana isn't her understudy but starts dating the girl I believe. I  don't think Kurt was with Blaine but with Adam or Elliot. 

If  anyone knows what I'm talking about and has a link they could share, I'd appreciate it. 

Also if my tags are off, let me know, this if my first time using live journal  much less posting to a community. 

Faberry — "Black and White" — Rachel finds Quinn's sketchbook.

I'm hoping someone will have, or know where to find, a copy of this fic. (The link I have for it is dead). 

"Black and White" by pleasure...chest
Quinn doesn’t only draw pornographic images of Rachel on the bathroom stalls. Rachel finds a notebook full of them, and of course Rachel confronts Quinn about them and sexytimes ensue.
Bella and Alice Cullen, Bellice, femslash

I need help finding a Dark Faberry fanfic

Rachel is a teacher and so is Sam (I think). Quinn is a student who has had a crush on her and overheard Rachel talk about her date with Sam or perhaps more. Sam is either Rachel's boyfriend or fiancé and Quinn drugs Rachel with the help of Brittany and Santana. 
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One of the fanfictions I am looking for is one where Puck takes Rachel paintballing and Sam ends up accidentally shooting her in the head and she gets hurt

The other story I am looking for is a Puck/Rachel. All I remember for it is Mercedes is really mean to Rachel and in it Kurt goes and visits Mercedes mom to tell her about Mercedes dating with photographic proof because he is upset at how Mercedes has been treating Rachel and later on she shows one of the boys Mercedes has been dating that she has been cheating on him with another guy.

I am also still looking for the fanfiction where Puck is neighbors with Rachel at her apartment building and it is an AU where the didn't know each other in school and in it she gets pregnant from a sperm bank with twins and later comes to find that Puck is the sperm donor.

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Looking for Puck/Rachel fanfictions

Hey first time poster here and hope you all can help me. I am looking for 2 Puck/Rachel fanfictions. One I found on livejournal months ago and in it Shelby has passed away and in her will she leaves custody of Beth to Puck but only if he marries/gets together Rachel and they end up getting married/together. The other one I am looking for I found on fanfiction.net I believe and in it Rachel and Puck are neighbors in an apartment building and she really wants to have a bay and ends up getting artificially inseminated at a sperm bank and ends up pregnant with twins. Puck ends up being really protective of her and it turns out he was the sperm donor. I also remember he ended up buying his sperm back and she found it in his fridge.

Kurt/Blaine college au

I've been searching for this story for a while and I only remember a few things about it. Kurt and Blaine never met in high school. Rachel and Kurt are going to college in Ohio, and are saving up to move to New York. Kurt is having some trouble at college and is getting harassed. Rachel tries to break up Kurt and Blaine since she thinks Blaine will stop Kurt from moving to New York. 

Specific Protective Burt precanon oneshot

I distinctly remember a oneshot on either AO3 or FFN where Burt hears that kids are being mean to Kurt at elementary school, so he storms over to the Berry residence to confront them over Rachel calling Kurt gay. Burt is very papa bear about it, and then Burt realizes the Berrys are a gay couple, and that Rachel didn't mean it in a cruel way, just in an overly honest little kid way. One of Rachel's dads says (something like), "I guess we need to have the outing talk with Rachel." Overall very cute and sweet, but can't find it.

It was Lessons in Parenting by fabfemmeboy (aka Kasey aka fabfemmefics) which seems to have been deleted with the loss of gleefic - Summary was: Hummels, Berry family; Six months after his wife's death, Burt finds out that a kid in Kurt's class - some little twerp named Rachel - has been calling him gay. If anyone has a copy (of any of Kasey's stories tbh), I would love it and be forever grateful.

Looking for a Faberry fic

In the fanfiction, Rachel is found dead in the bathroom because she had an asthma attack after Karofsky taped her mouth shut.

Then Kurt gets the oppertunity to go back in time with one other person, and he chooses Quinn.

I know it was on Fanfiction.net

Found it!! https://m.fanfiction.net/s/6269388/1/Threads_of_Maybes_and_Might_Have_Beens