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glee finders, for all your glee finding needs

use the tags, spare a search!

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Glee Finders
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"Glee" the TV series' fanfic, fanart, fanvid, etc. specific, rec and genre finders
Animated moodtheme made by aoitsukikage.

This is a community for finding fanworks centered on the TV series Glee. You can contact a mod here.

As well as using the tags, you can search through the comm with this handy and extra secure search box:

gleefinders @ lj the web

All members and commenters are required to read and know the rules; no excuses, no exceptions.

The Rules:

0) If you're not sure whether you are breaking community rules, YES YOU ARE.

Please (re)read the rules or ask to make sure, and ultimately make both your and everyone else's day the better for it.

1) Off topic posts and comments are not allowed.

What is welcome: specific fanfic searches, genre and rec searches, thematic lists as well as searches for any and all Glee related fanworks, i.e. fanmixes, comics, podfics, fanvids, fanart, etc.

Anything else, or posts and comments containing both on topic and off topic subjects, will be deleted. (This includes editorializing; all the personal reasons for something are best kept for personal journals.)

2) Summarize your post in the subject line.

As the entry's subject put a short description (summary) of your search (preferably one sentence or less) that covers the major points of what you're looking for. If you don't know how to sum up your request try looking at the keywords its tags can give you (i.e. kind of fanwork, pairing or main character or both, main theme(s), etc.) or you can check out previously posted requests for examples (ones made by mods won't lead you astray, but there's plenty of other well-described requests as well to learn from).

3) Tag your post.

All posters should tag their posts. New tags will be added as they become needed, or you can suggest new tags here.

How to tag: for every request you make please make sure to add a category and media tag, as well as any other (genre, theme, character and pairing) tags that match your request. (If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact a mod before you post.)

Keep in mind only a mod can remove already added tags from a post or make up new tags, so please contact a mod if you need to.

4) If any of your specific searches have been successfully answered you should add the *found tag to your post; if your search hasn't been answered after a week you should add the *unanswered tag.

If what you were looking for hasn't been found or you didn't get any recs that match your search you should add the *unanswered tag after at least seven days have passed — but not sooner!

If your lost story or other lost fanwork has been found you should add the *found tag. (This will save everyone precious searching time so please remember to do it as soon as any of the searches in your post are answered; don't make the mod remind you to do it.) You may edit your post and add below the request(s) something like: ETA: Found! It's "Story Title" [story link] by author, but it's not compulsory.

You shouldn't edit your post further than that! No striking out the words, deleting a request or anything else of the sort; that way everyone will still be able to read the search easily.

4+) Genre search posts should not be edited to include the recs the post gets.

If your post is a mix of specific and recommendation requests, you can edit to include the results of the specific search, but not the results of the genre search. (Meaning, don't list the recs you get in your post.) Also, while you may add the *found tag to your rec search, you don't have to.

5) Only looking for existing fanworks is allowed; asking fanworks be created for you is not.

This is not a requesting comm so plotbunnies and fanfic/art/vid suggestions and demands for the same do not belong here (see rule #1).

6) All spoilers should be placed under an lj-cut and have a spoiler warning.

For a full description of this rule please visit this post. This leads us to our last and most important rule:

7) Play nice, everyone, because a mod? Can and will smack you down like the hand of God.

Not complying with modly warnings can result in your posting privileges being revoked. No flaming, bashing or troll-ish behavior is allowed. Keep in mind that in any argument the modly status trumps all, so hedge your bets and keep the glee club spirit at heart at all times.


- Don't repost searches unless at least one month has passed. Check previous searches (you can use the tags) before posting your own to make sure what you're looking for hasn't been recently requested.

- If your post or comment is against our rules or is off topic, it can be deleted without notice as soon as it's spotted. Please make sure you've checked up on the rules before posting or commenting again.

- Obeying modly warnings is mandatory; if you're asked to correct something you have 24 hours to comply before the offending post or comment will be deleted without further warnings due to your failure to respond on time. You're welcome to repost at any time, though repeat offenders won't be looked upon kindly.

- If you ignore the mod in an obvious way, i.e. could have clearly corrected your mistake but didn't, you will lose your posting privileges for 1 month.

- If you use foul language, are offensive, abusive or disrespectful, you may get banned from the comm immediately. (This doesn't include acting entitled towards the mods alone; there should be no bashing in the posts or comments whatsoever, no matter who the aim and where you do it.*)

*One kind-of exception: you may ask for character bashing stories — as long as you don't do any bashing yourself while you do it.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact a mod. Same thing applies if you want to affiliate or promote your comm (keep in mind only on-topic promotions are welcome, i.e. ones dealing with fanfic, vids, fanart, recs, etc).

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