Tags: pairing: puck/other and pairing: artie/other

Puck!Angst or Puck/Artie :D


I was just wondering if there was any Puck-centric hurt/comfort or angst fics.
You know; any kind of abuse, non/dub con, or any other disturbing subjects that make me cringe in self-disgust?
I don't know if this is allowed but... you know... whatever.

Also I was wondering if there was any good Puck/Artie or Partie stories?
It's my new favourite!

It would be muchly appreciated!
Final Fantasy X/X-2, Tidus

Artie Love!

Just finished tonights episode and not surprisingly, I am in the mood for some Artie love. I'm looking for any slash involving Artie. I'm rather fond of Puck/Artie; I mean, come on, Wheels getting the, in my oh so humble opinion Hottest jock is Brilliant, but any one will do as long as they got Artie. Poor boy needs more love.