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Kartie Friendship/romance

Hi everyone!

So I don't know why, but I really want to read some Kartie fics, (Kurt/Artie). They can be romantic or platonic, I like the idea of them being bros haha, anything is fine. Would love it if they involved Kurt sitting on Artie's lap, or just being obviously close. Inclusion of the Dalton boys, New Directions, or anyone else's reactions would be great.

Thank you!!!
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2 Transgendered Kurt Fic Search

1) Kurt is FTM and the glee club find out one day because of a project and they don't react well. I seem to remember Puck ripping Kurt's bindings off. I think Artie and Brittany were trying to protect Kurt and that Santana verbally laid a smack down on the club for being mean to him.

2) This was a multi-part fic in which Kurt is MTF and dating Artie. I think her name was Kate. Burt knew and was awesome about it and Puck found out and was really nice to Kate and Artie. I seem to remember that this ended up being a threesome. Also there was Doctor Who love and a bathing suit scene.

Thanks in advance to whomever finds this!!

Artie/Kurt and Mercedes/Tina fool the glee club

Hi!  I'm looking for a fic where Artie and Kurt are dating and Mercedes and Tina are dating, but they keep it a secret from the glee club because they find it funny when the club makes assumptions.  Rachel is also in on the whole thing and is really good friends with them.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  It might also be on ff.net, but I'm not 100% sure...


artie advice hotline?

i vaguely remember an artie/kurt college!fic where artie is one of the operators on an advice/general guidance telephone hotline and someone keeps calling in and needing advice because his classes are hard or something, and they end up meeting/planning to meet. does this sound familiar to anyone?

thanks in advance :)
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Looking for a specific Kurt/Glee boys fanfic

Looking for a specific Kurt/Glee boys fanfic - probably NC-17

I once read this fic about Kurt giving Artie a [blowjob] while the other boys played video games in Kurt's basement (I think) and then Artie has to leave for a date with Tina and the other boys have their way with Kurt. All consensual as far as I remember.

If anyone knows what fic I'm talking about (I tried looking through the glee_kink_meme tags but didn't see it there), a link would be awesome!

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Rare Pair

Hiya. Looking for Kurt/Artie slash fics. Read the handful over at gleeslash and I found a real good one over at FF.net, but this is a really rare pairing and I'm kind of experimenting away from my OTPs, so I would love to see any Kurt/Artie recs. Thank you in advance ;3