bloodhunter_13 (bloodhunter_13) wrote in gleefinders,

In Search of Puckleberry Fic

I've scoured the Internet, using all my Google-fu but without any success.

In the fanfic, Rachel Berry has the unique ability to read minds, and one day Puck finds out. They go about on various adventures, either match-making people or helping glee. In one chapter, I'm certain that Rachel uses her mind reading ability to help the football club win a game, by telling Coach Beiste the strategy of the rival team. During the game, Rachel also shouts out to Puck at the last minute to dodge/run in a certain direction that leads to him getting a touchdown.

There is also a side of Sam/Kurt?(i think).

Before the game, Puck gives Rachel his jersey so that she can wear it to the game. Before the game begins, Kurt notices Rachel in the oversized jersey and goes about giving her a makeover. Shortly after Puck sees her on the bleachers and is smitten by Rachel. Briefly, mentioning to Finn/Mike that Rachel is his.

I cant remember if this is a multi-chapter or oneshot, but it was a pretty old fanfic. Before season four even started. 
Tags: *unanswered, character: puck - noah puckerman, character: rachel berry, genre: gen, media: fanfic, pairing: kurt/sam, pairing: puck/rachel

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