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Kurt-centred fics recommendations

Hello everyone!
I had a lot of fics in my bookmarks about Kurt being hurt and abused, but I lost everything. So I was hoping that you guys can help me with finding the fics (or at least some of them)

1) First, I would like you guys to recommend me some fics about Kurt being kidnapped, tortured or raped. (extra bonus if the fic talks about the aftermath of it :D)

2) Any Fic about Kurt self-harming would be lovely.

3) I had a lot of fics about Kurt being withdrawn from the others after being raped or even because of the bullying, but I can't find them. If you guys know any such fics then please tell me about it.

4) Honestly I haven't read anything with Kurt sufferings from PTSD or nightmares (except for maybe a few ones) so can you please recommend some similar stories?

5) And for my last request, please tell me about any fics about Kurt being abused (doesn't matter if it's physical, sexual, or emotional)

So, in short terms, i'd like read anything that's with Kurt!Angst. And of course The more angst, the better ;)

And please guys, No wips, and muti-chaptered fics are preferred

Thanks in advance :D
Tags: category: recs, character: kurt hummel, genre: gen, media: fanfic, theme: abuse/assault, theme: angst, theme: long/epic, theme: rape/dub-con, theme: suicide/self-harm

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