Becky (mrsbeck) wrote in gleefinders,

Fic Rec-Diva Rachel

Last night's episode has me wondering if there are any fics out there that have Rachel basically screwing herself out of a job or career by being a ridiculous diva or getting a really bad reputation (maybe people don't want to work with her anymore) for being a diva/hard to work with? I'd love it if it could also involve a Klaine pairing, but I'm open to all recs. Thanks in advance.

Mods, this is my first time posting as a requestor, so I hope I got the tags right. If not please let me know what to fix.
Tags: category: recs, character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, character: rachel berry, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: future!fic, theme: job, theme: other

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