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fics by ChrisandDarrensass

I have a request to all you kind people. If any of you have saved fics by ChrisandDarrensass which are not on this page https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5095610/ I wanted to ask you to send them to my email dashustrik@inbox.ru

I am particularly interested in I would die for you and it's sequel (or sequels ? ) but anything by this author will do.

As far as know all these fics were posted on fanfiction.net but got deleted some time ago. I've already contacted the author and since thee've lost these stories I got permission to look for them like this. I will also forward everything I get from you to the author so that these works can be published again.

Thanks to Neonuar all fics are found and will soon be posted on author's page on ff.net (see above). WIP will also be continued.
The only one remaining missing is I have an evil stepmother. So where is my prince.
If you have please send it to my email dashustrik@inbox.ru
Tags: *found, category: deleted/moved, media: fanfic

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