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Rec Glee fics at epic_recs

Thanks to debris_k for permission to post!

epic_recs (multifandom recs of long, well written stories) is looking for a new weekly reccer. Our reccers claim fandoms, and Glee is currently unclaimed, so it would be great to have a Glee reccer on the comm!

Reccers are invited based on recs left at any of our recent Readers' Recs posts. You can rec any pairing or gen.

If you're interested, take a look at the comm to see what we're looking for, and then leave a rec as a comment to one of the recent posts at the Readers' Recs link.

If you're invited, we'll send you more information, so you can decide if the comm is right for you. And if you join, you'll rec once a week, long term, until you decide to step down. (You won't be limited to Glee recs only.)

ETA: Thanks for the recs! Glee has now been claimed and will be recced weekly at ER. New Glee recs will be at our fandom: glee tag.


Tags: category: promotion

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