lozmundo (lozmundo) wrote in gleefinders,

Puckleberry fic


Looking for a fic I've lost off my favs

In it the glee club goes on a group bonding trip to the water park after first year that Rachel is very against since she doesn't know how to swim. Puck learns this and offers to teach her.
-Rachel meets Brittany at the swimsuits store and they become friends
-Puck, Matt and Mike join them at the food court and go to the arcade
-Matt crushing on a sales girl that Rachel knows from dance class and later introduces them
-trip to the cinema where they bump into Tina and Artie
-BQ at Mike's
-Kurt being bitchy and coming to Rachel's to approve her swim suit calls her an asparagus
-Rachel, Brittany, Tina and Mercedes having ice cream
-Rachel driving semi drunk to Brittany's after a fight with Puck

Thanks in advance for the help
Tags: character: brittany s. pierce, character: puck - noah puckerman, character: rachel berry, pairing: puck/rachel

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