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BIOTA Aftermath, Kurt pulls away from Blaine

Hey there everyone! I am in need of some major assistance! I have been looking for a story for almost a year now and decided I need some help! I don't know the title or author, unfortunately! What I do remember is that the story was a one-shot in Blaine's POV (it may have switched to Kurt's too from time to time).

It took place during/after the events of "BIOTA" in episode 2x14. Kurt is hurt, especially after Blaine tells him he's like Karofsky, and starts pulling away from Blaine and seems depressed. Suddenly, Blaine notices Kurt becoming happier and much more like his usual happy (and fabulous) self, but still avoids Blaine any chance he gets. Eventually blaine gets fed up and goes to Kurt's house to confront him and tell him how he feels. What he finds is that Kurt had reached out to Dave after Blaine's hurtful words at the coffee shop and the two of them had formed a friendship that is turning into something more. This is when Blaine realizes he's missed his chance with Kurt and wonders what will happen to their friendship. The story I'm looking for ended with implied!Kurtofsky.

Any help will be AMAZING!! Honestly, any good BIOTA related stories with strong Kurt would be amazing! Especially if it does NOT end in Klaine!(I hope I'm not making it obvious that I'm not a Klaine or Blaine fan!)
Tags: *found, character: blaine anderson, character: dave karofsky, character: kurt hummel, media: fanfic, theme: angst, theme: episode related, theme: hurt/comfort, theme: jealousy

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