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Glee Fanfiction Archive Promotion!


I'm here to post about the new fanfiction archive for the Glee Fandom over at We house any and all pairings, categories and genres in Glee fiction. We'd really love it if some of ya'll checked it out and took a look around. There's nothing much now, but once we get going, there will be so many options and so much fic to read as well as post to have others read!

Our site features a very simple way to post your fiction in a matter of seconds. Once it is validated by a moderator, or it goes instantly up if you are a trusted author, the story is up there for any readers to enjoy and in turn review. The reviewing system is very similar to commenting on livejournal. Simply click review, and leave your message under your registered name. Authors can respond to reviews, and readers can add authors or stories to their favorites to again read at a later date.

It's also much simpler to search and find fiction on our site. You can browse through the different categories to find the specific pairing or genre you're looking for, or you can use our search bar to look for specific things in the title or summary that might have stood out to help find fiction here at gleefinders.

Please take the time to check out We would really appreciate it, and we look forward to seeing you around!

posted with moderators permission of course :)
Tags: category: promotion

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