Jessica (eternaltwilite) wrote in gleefinders,

Ryder/Unique fics

So, ever since All or Nothing I've been craving Ryder/Unique fics, which is strange because I haven't really given a damn about most of the new kids this season lol. But alas, Ryder/Unique is what my little shipper heart is craving at the moment. The bad news is, I can barely find anything. There's only 5 on and 2 of them aren't even in English. This com doesn't even have any tags for either of these characters. I'm at a loss. So if anyone out there knows of any fics with this pairing and can find it in their hearts to rec them here, I'd be a happy panda. Thanks in advance! =)

Mods: I wasn't exactly sure how to tag this, but since Unique identifies as a girl, I decided to tag this as het and use character: other(female). I hope this is ok.
Tags: category: recs, character: other (male), character: unique - wade adams, genre: het, media: fanfic, pairing: other (m/f), theme: favorites/classics

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