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William McKinley High: A Glee Roleplay

Welcome to William McKinley! We are a Glee roleplay group and our storyline picks up from mid-season three onward. We recently decided to create character blogs here on LJ, where people can follow the inner thoughts of the characters as they make their way through high school, college, and all the inner turmoil that comes with it. ;)

We are looking for more members to fill both canon and original character slots - please take a moment and check us out! :)

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William McKinley High School has been leading Ohio's academics for decades now...or at least trying to. With an unstoppable cheerleading program headed by Sue Sylvester, it is easy to see why many of Ohio's residents are choosing to send their children here. Students and teachers alike are what makes the high school a welcome sight to all. However...there is always room for more...

WMHS is a Glee roleplay board inspired by the hit show currently airing on FOX. Members are allowed to take on the role of one of the show's hit characters or even create their own. With all of the shenanigans occurring in high school, the options are endless for members! Will you become the next Rachel Berry or instead take on Sue Sylvester to become William McKinley's newest cheerleading sensation? Only you can decide!
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