NiaMaggie (niamaggie) wrote in gleefinders,

Looking For Another Kurt fic

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a fic that I keep remembering snippets of during the most random times.

It was very endearing and featured papa bear!Burt over Kurt.

From what I remember:

Burt just woke up from his heart-attack induced coma and find out/realizes that Kurt has basically been on his own. He's been living at the house by himself instead of staying with one of the Gleeks or Carol/Finn.

Kurt has become so worn out and exhausted trying to deal with everything that he sort of just breaks down.

Burt is angry/disappointed that no one realized that Kurt was by himself. I do remember him specifically talking to Carol about why she didn't take him in, since Burt would have done that for Finn if something ever happened to her. I know Mercedes was another one that was mentioned, like why didn't Kurt stay with her or why she didn't offer him to stay with her family. Another was Mr. Schu, why didn't he realize that Kurt was basically living alone or at the hospital with his dad.

Everyone basically has to deal with the aftermath of forgetting their friend/student.

I do remember it being hosted on one of the livejournal communities, but for the life of me can't remember which since I've sort of belong to like 6 or 7. Plus, I've been reading Glee fics at an insane pace since I've watched my first full episode: Grilled Cheesus. I know, I'm super behind. But, I'm hoping to get the first season for Christmas/my birthday to catch up. Until then, I'll content myself to reading fanfics.

P.S. Let's hope I did the tags right this time. =)

Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: burt hummel, character: carole hudson, character: kurt hummel, character: mercedes jones, genre: gen, media: fanfic, theme: angst, theme: illness/injury

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