Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in gleefinders,
Debris K.

[mod] New tag: character bashing

Yes, you read that right, we now have our very own theme: character bashing tag! \o/

Why, you may ask, when bashing is such a controversial theme? Because, the wise mod says, there are plenty of controversial themes out there and we don't discriminate them on the basis of what we mods may or may not personally like, we make tags based on what is searched for at the comm. No more, no less. (And should the day come when scat!fics are all the rage there will inevitably be a need for a scat!fic tag... but goodness do we hope that day isn't today, one new tag a day is enough!)

In the spirit of tolerance towards any and all tags and/or themes that might not be your own cup of tea, the thing you should do is: IGNORE THEM. Simple as that. I promise. Pinky swear, even.

And a reminder to all our overzealous fic searchers: all your searches are welcome, just as long as they don't break our rules. These include, but are not limited to: NO BASHING IN SEARCHES (ask for what you want without proving, elaborating, describing, reasoning out the point of your search). Please keep all tl;dr and bashes for your own journals.

Hope that's simple enough.

Have fun with the new tag, y'all! As usual, suggestions for more previous posts that would fit under it would be <3.
Tags: !mod

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