pinkbox (trulysusie) wrote in gleefinders,

Puck/ Rachel fics

Hi, I'm looking for two fics that really want to read again and.

The first one has Puck and Rachel moving in together. So on her last day in the apartment Rachel shares with Santana they talk and Santana wants to know if Rachel is sure because if Rachel moves out, Santana won't be there to do all the "girly" stuff with Rachel. After Rachel realizes that she will miss Santana and the stuff they do together she cries and says she doesn't want to move anymore. Puck hears Rachel crying on the other side of the door and demands to know what Santana did. Santana eventually calms Rachel down by pointing out how perfect Puck and Rachel are for each other. There's a part where Rachel asks Santana why she "can't have them both".

The second one is a future fic. The gleeks are together for a reunion or something. Rachel is pregnant with Puck's baby and she had to deliver the baby in the bathroom. Sam who is a doctor (or studying to be one) had to deliver the baby which is awkward because he and Rachel used to be best friends and now they aren't talking after they slept together one night. Sam eventually says that it's because he has been in love with Rachel and hearing her saying that their night together was a mistake hurts too much.

NOTE: I (re?)discovered that both scenes are from the same story. :))
So for anyone interested,
Tags: *found, *unanswered, category: specific search, character: puck - noah puckerman, character: rachel berry, character: sam evans, character: santana lopez, genre: het, media: fanfic, pairing: puck/rachel, pairing: rachel/other, theme: angst, theme: baby!fic, theme: friendship, theme: other

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