Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in gleefinders,
Debris K.

[mod] More tagging changes

To keep the number of tags down and their usage up I've consolidated a couple of existing pairing tags so Artie/Puck and Artie/Kurt, as well as all other Artie pairings, are now under pairing: Artie/other.

Reminder: you can sort searches by a specific pairing even if there's no tag for it, provided it's been searched for, by combining two /other pairing tags, e.g. Artie/other + Puck/other, Artie/other + Kurt/other. If only one of the characters from the pairing has an /other tag then the pairing you're after will be listed only under that one tag (if it's been searched for already, natch).

There's also a new theme tag, unrequited: for all your one sided, pining and UST related needs. :-)

I'll also be adding in the next few days 'theme: misunderstanding' and 'theme: character bashing'; stay tuned.

Help finding more posts for these three new themes would be muchly appreciated!

Stay awesome,

your mod.
Tags: !mod

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