RomyKate (romykate) wrote in gleefinders,

Kurt's Mom's Death

I remember reading a fic ages ago on the angst meme which explained why Kurt said his mum died 10 years ago but Burt said 8.  In this one his mom attempted suicide when he was 6, and to him she 'died' as in she wasn't really there any more, but then when he was 8 she actually committed suicide so she actually died.  It ended with a line like "my mom died 10 years ago.  I saw." or something similar.

Crappy synopsis is crappy, but it's been driving me crazy trying to find it.

Thanks ^_^
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: kurt hummel, character: other (female), media: fanfic, theme: death!fic, theme: suicide/self-harm

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