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Multiple fic search

Hi again, I'm hoping that you could help me find some fics please, there are few sorry hehe.

1. I would like any Klaine fics where it's Kurt who screws up and does something wrong be it cheating, being insensitive etc.  I'm getting sick of reading fics where it is Blaine who is the one that does something wrong and needs to fix it so any fics where Kurt needs to fix the relationship would be great.Found one Thanks

2. I would like any fic that involves Kurt feeling as though Burt prefers Finn more, the angstier the better.

3. Any fics that involve the Michael episode and the slushy, maybe it did more damage than originally thought etc.  Fics with an angry Wes shouting at the Warblers earn extra points lol.  I have read a lot of fics from this episode and I hope that someone can find me something new.

4. Any episode reaction fics involving the episode On My Way, I would like fics where people find out about Karofsky's suicide and their reactions to it. Found one Thanks

5. Any fics where the New Directions are bullying Blaine and someone finally sticks up for him.

6. And finally I've been reading 'We've done the same thing all before by lunarocks14' and I love it so I was wondering if there are any other good fics that involve Blaine being at McKinley in the first season, and I've already read the series BadgerInMySoup.

Thanks in advance, also if I don't reply quickly it's because the internet here is screwed up and it's taking a while for the company to fix it.  
Tags: character: blaine anderson, character: burt hummel, character: dave karofsky, character: david & wes, character: finn hudson, character: kurt hummel, media: fanfic, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: angst, theme: bullying, theme: cheating/infidelity, theme: episode related, theme: suicide/self-harm, theme: team (new directions)

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