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looking for some Anti-Blaine centered Kurt fics

I want to see some fics where Kurt's the main character AND OR features a arrogant/naive/stupid/jerk Blaine. I don't want to see complete abusive Blaine (that includes verbal abuse. Fics where Blaine doesn't realize how amazing Kurt is until it's too late. Fics where Blaine cheats on Kurt. Fics where Kurt finally has had enough of Blaine's crap. Fics where a guy, not Blaine, decides he wants Kurt for himself and sets up Blaine for failure. I don't want Kurt/blaine endgame fics but I am willing to read them if they are all you have, just put a warning before hand.

Prime example of the type of fics i would like to see are
Why Didn't Anyone Tell Him? by Obsessivekumpulsivereadr (Blaine looks back on the end of his relationship with Kurt Hummel, and at all the things he had done wrong. He wonders if the cluelessness and obliviousness had been the final straw and why none of his friends had intervened before he'd gotten himself in too deep) 
and Cause I've Searched My Soul by  (Kurt was so tired of pretending that Blaine was perfect. “Pretty pretty please, don’t you ever ever feel... like you’re less than…less than perfect,” he sang softly to himself; I.e Kurt realizes Blaine an ass and falls in love with Dave Karofsky and Sebastian wants to give back Blaine and ends up dating Sam Evans)
and Mended Hearts and Butterscotch Pie by Late Night Author (Blaine breaks up with Kurt after The First Time. Puck comforts and it turns into so much more. Puckurt, Blaine-bashing, Nick-bashing)
Tags: category: recs, character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, genre: gen, genre: slash, media: fanfic, theme: au, theme: cheating/infidelity

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