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CrissColfer AU - random meeting at a restaurant/coffee shop, Darren's performing (?)

Hi all! Posted this a (very) short while ago to the kurt_blaine com, but I'm impatient and figured that I would double my luck by posting here as well! (I hope that doesn't bother anyone.)
Anyway, I'm desperately searching for a CrissColfer AU in which Chris and Darren meet at a restaurant/bar/coffee shop/somesuch. Darren was the live entertainment for the evening (but I think he may have also worked there and had his own key so he could lock up at night? Maybe? Or that bit may be from a different fic...), and Chris sits down at a table near the front, and they have some sort of a moment. When Darren finishes his set, he asks Chris if he can sit with him and introduces himself. And they become fantastic friends and fall in love along the way (but not without a misunderstanding before they fully get their acts together, of course).

I've built it up in my mind as being this achingly romantic fic that I am dying to read again...And I swear to god I bookmarked it but can't seem to find it anywhere (my bookmarks are a freaking mess, not gonna lie).

Anyway, I will be permanently indebted to the wonderfully amazing individual who can point me in the right direction! Thanks so much! ♥
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character (rp): chris colfer, character (rp): darren criss, genre: slash, media: fanfic, media: rpf, pairing (rp): chris/darren, theme: au, theme: first times, theme: fluff, theme: performing/singing

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