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Kinks, Hybrids, Bashing & A World Of Epicness?

So it's time for a list again! YAY! Hahahaha, I'm looking for Kurt-Centric recs as usual. So, the kind of recs I'm looking for is:

1) Boypussy. Just Kurt, not Blaine or Sebastian or etc etc.

2) Hybrid. Half Kitty or Half Doggy or Half Wolf or etc etc.

3) In Heat. Just Kurt, don't mind if there is Mpreg.

4) Domestic Kink. Doesn't matter who has the kink as long as it's there.

5) Submissive. Dom can be anyone but Sub has to Kurt

6) HBIC. Kurt can be a cheerleader or a popular kid or etc etc.

7) Dancing. Can be M or K or T, doesn't matter as long as Kurt show his flexibilty.

8) ND or/and Mr Shue Bashing. It doesn't have to be all of ND but it has to be a group. Like totalgleekgirl's Big Bang, where only Santana, Brittany, Puck, Sam and Quinn is Team Kurt while everyone else is Anti Kurt.

9) Kurt & Wablers Friendship/Epic Bromance.

10) Pummel + Santana + Sam or Puck + Kurt + Santana + Sam or ect ect. As long as it involves Puck, Kurt, Sam and Santana in an epic friendship, it doesn't matter if there is a pairing.

If there is any Kurt pairing, I hope it's slash and I prefer to avoid Kurt/Finn, Kurt/Burt, and Kurt/Will. Any ratings is fine.

Sorry! Hahahaha, but just had to get everyting out before I forget ^_^

Please & Thank You for taking your time to read and rec!

*I think my tags are right, right?*

Tags: character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, character: puck - noah puckerman, character: sam evans, character: santana lopez, character: sebastian smythe, character: will schuester, genre: gen, genre: slash, media: fanfic, theme: au, theme: badboy/hbic, theme: bdsm, theme: cheerleader!kurt, theme: domestic, theme: friendship, theme: genderbender, theme: kink, theme: pregnancy & mpreg, theme: team (dalton/warblers), theme: team (new directions)

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