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Puck-centric fics, fusions and makeovers

Hi! There's a lot of Kurt-centric requests on this com, so finding anything Kurt-related that I want is easy. FInding something on Puck on the other hand is a bit more dificult. Therefore I have a few Puck-centric requests as well as some fusion requests and one makeover-request:

1. Any believeable and well-written reunion fics (either high school reunion or Puck remeeting one or some of the other characters after x amount of years), where Puck is succesful (please not a rock star) and has visibly matured and developed as a character (like not having a mohwak and going by Puck at 35...). A good example is patchfire's Legally By 30. By believable I mean that he hasn't become filthy rich and has a kid that's seven years old by the five-year reunion, which is my not-so-subtle way of saying that a lot of reunion fics that I've read don't have the most realistic timeframe. By succesful I just mean a proper job that he's happy with himself, he doesn't have to be filthy rich or anything like that.

2. Any fic where Puck is a dancer. I read a short (too short :() drabble by pterawaters where Puck was a ballet dancer and was left wanting more! Piano-playing or generally artist-Puck is okay too, but dancer Puck would be the cherry on top of the cake!

3. We all know that Mark Salling really has curly hair, but he never wants to show it to us. Therefore I'm looking for any fics where Puck has grown out his hair enough that its curly :D

4. Any fics where Puck wears glasses.

5. Are there any fics out where Puck ends up in a wheelchair, has to amputate something or sustains any other serious injury, especially ones where he has to spend time in PT. I've read a fic over on by Liatnya ("Chasing Cars") where Puck was disabled, and it was GREAT, but I was a bit dissapointed that we didn't get to see how Puck coped with everyday-life from a wheelchair.

6. There are several fusion fics that I would like to see but mainly I'm looking for any Glee-fusions with Step Up, 21 Jump Street (the tv-series) and Miss Congeniality. Crossovers are fine too, but like in the case of 21 Jump Street it would be really fun to see one of the carachters really being and undercover cop :)

7. Lastly I want to request any fics where any of the male characters are made over (like in makeover shows, not in the cracky-I-put-make-up-on-Finn-way). I a sucker for the traditional looser high school kid is in love with a popular kid, gets a makeover and they have a happy ending, but any makeover is fine with me (like maybe in relation to a reality show). Its also alrigtht if its not an outright makeover, more like someone changed a lot over time and surprises another character with it.

8. Also, in the Supernatural-fandom they have a h/c-community, does the Glee-community have any similar memes? I've been on the angst-meme, but I couldn't find any round-ups since december last year :/

To finish up I want to apologise for requesting so unashamedly when I haven't been very good at reccomending fics for other's myself, but I do try to keep an eye out for any requests that I can answer :)
Tags: category: recs, character: puck - noah puckerman, genre: gen, genre: slash, media: fanfic, theme: crossovers & fusions, theme: disability, theme: domestic, theme: future!fic, theme: hurt/comfort, theme: illness/injury, theme: job, theme: long/epic, theme: smart!puck, theme: team (new directions)

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