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Specfic Rachel/Puck S1 set fic -Found

Hiya, I'm looking for a story I read months ago, and I'm a little worried I'm combining more than one story together -it has been so long-:

* pretty sure it was written Season 1
* rachel gets slushied, and its a shock because she hadn't been slushied in a while -she had spare clothes in her locker still, and quinn ended up following her to the showers and handing her a towel.
* I'm sure it was Rachel/Puck at the end, or at least leaning very heavily towards that.
*rachel ends up organizing everyone around quinns pregnancy -taking her to the doctor etc, after there is a big fight between finn and puck - she sends puck to the locker room and finn to the music room to keep them seperated.

i know its all a bit vague, but I just have this compulsion to re-read this :(

Found - thanks to ellie06
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: puck - noah puckerman, character: rachel berry, media: fanfic, theme: friendship

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