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Top!Puck fics

Hi there!

I'm a first time poster here. I tried searching this I didn't see it, so I applogize if this is indeed a repost. I am looking for any and all fics where Puck is the top. I have been out of the fanfic loop for quite a while and don't know where to look. Could someone provide a couple of links to me? Besides fatebegins, as I've read all her stuff, and me (for obvious reasons). I really do not know who writes top!puck around here and I'm dying to read some!

A few things I like in a top!puck story:

top!puck (obviously)
Puck pursuing Kurt, because all fem boys deserve to be persued by a hot jock!

Thanks for your help.
Tags: category: recs, character: kurt hummel, character: puck - noah puckerman, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: kurt/puck, pairing: puck/other, pairing: threesome & foursome, theme: au, theme: badboy/hbic, theme: bdsm, theme: fluff, theme: kink, theme: other, theme: seduction/courting/wooing

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