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[mod] Some more new tags

First off, I want to thank everyone who's been reccing and finding stories — we've been having lots of answered requests lately! \o/ (But don't forget to check on the *unaswered tag if you want to make someone's day, or add it to your post if a week has gone by without any answers so your post doesn't get forgotten.) Thank you all, you rock!

Secondly, due to recent-ish requests and thus new tags being warranted, I renamed the character tags to have last names as well as first names (if you're tracking any of the tags you should check if this has affected the tracking any), all the better to accommodate one of the new character tags (you'll know which one *g*). Our new tags are:

character: Dave Karofsky
character: Sam Evans
pairing: Kurt/Sam
pairing: Kurt/other

If you'd like to suggest a new tag you can do so at any time, just collect at least three posts that match the new proposed tag and we'll go from there.

Thank your continuing to help make this comm's tags efficient for everyone!
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