klaine4ever01 (klaine4ever01) wrote in gleefinders,

Dom!Kurt and Sub!Blaine fic

It is set in a sub, dom universe. And Blaine is Kurt's teacher at Dalton, I think that it is if you are a Dom your sub's name apperes on your right hand and vice versa for the subs. I also know at one point Blaine subbed (hehe no pun intended) for Kurt's health class and Sebastian was talking bad about subs and Kurt defended Blaine, also at one point I'm not sure but Kurt commanded Blaine during class.
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, character: other (male), character: sebastian smythe, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: au, theme: first times, theme: possessive, theme: seduction/courting/wooing, theme: team (dalton/warblers)

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