kproflostsouls (kproflostsouls) wrote in gleefinders,

Kid!Kurt and Mr.Berry meet

I'm looking for a specific fic. This might actually be a series but I can't remember if it's a series or one fic. I remember part of it was Mr.berry waiting outside rachel's dance class when she was young (5 I think) and seeing kurt (or rather a young boy in a pink headband) and they end up talking about how kurt doesn't like dancing with girls in class and mr.berry saying gently too him that it's ok to want to kiss boys on the cheek (he has to do that with girls as the end of a dance their class is doing and doesn't like it.) and another thing I remember is The berries getting harassed and burt (even though they don't know his name)comes and defends the (I think he kicks the harassers ass) and the same mr.berry sees the same boy in the same pink headband asleep in a watching woman's arms and feels relieved because when he first met the kid he hoped that he was getting encouragement to be himself.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: burt hummel, character: kurt hummel, character: rachel's dad(s) - mr. berry, theme: family, theme: other, theme: pre-series/backstory

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