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Looking for Kurt with Dark/dom/ crazy guy recs

I'm looking for fic where Kurt is dating someone or is married to someone who is Dark, or dominating, or serial killer worthy, or obessive over Kurt but they don't want to kill Kurt, maybe keep him locked up in their homes but not Kill, or guys who would do anything (even Kill) for Kurt.  I don't care who Kurt is paired with, or what crossover you use, as long as it's a guy.
Fics like A political romance and it's sequel are okay where the main guy is very dark and twisted and a very sweet, loving and innocent Kurt but no fics like Heroes and Kittens where the the main character just wants to see Kurt hurt or likes to see him in pain. Kurt with mafia guys or gang members are great with me and so is Kurt with a Lex Luther (I'm talking smallville Lex Luther) type guy as well. A good example of the type of fics I want are In for the Kill by Stelleta where Blaine is seriously twisted and starts to kill for Kurt and Perfect by SpecsO-O where a dark/manipulative yet in love Blaine easing Kurt in to a very extreme relationship.
Tags: category: recs, character: kurt hummel, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: kurt/other, theme: bdsm, theme: dark/evil, theme: jealousy

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