audi_katia (audi_katia) wrote in gleefinders,

Klaine angst fic written during Season Two

Hello! I'm creating a list for a friend of mine with all my favorite Klaine fics and am looking for one I read about a year ago. It was written during the second season and was a future!fic. Kurt and Blaine were an established couple during Blaine's senior year of high school, but they broke up when he went to college.

Before they broke up, they had sex in a hotel room and decided to leave the room as friends. During the next few years, Kurt and Blaine have unresolved feelings and end up sleeping together. In one particular instance, Kurt wakes up before Blaine and writes on his arm in eyeliner "We can't keep doing this." (Or something to that effect... I can't remember exactly.)

Please help me out if you can! Thank you!
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: angst, theme: future!fic

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