morbidmandy (morbidmandy) wrote in gleefinders,

Wanted: co-mod, please apply below

Hello Everyone!

In case you don't know me, I am your humble moderator, morbidmandy! You may seen me commenting on posts/retagging/moderating! Or just... generally lurking.

Right now there is only one mod (me!), at least for the summer, and as much as I LOVE this comm... it requires a lot more work/monitoring than I can provide by myself. So I am looking for a co-mod to help out a bit!

If you'd like to apply all you really need is to be familiar with all the comm rules (there's no quiz, but you'll be upholding them) and have some basic lj know-how (tackling tags, managing posts and comments, explaining the same to newbies, etc).

I'm here to help you in any way I can, including showing you everything from scratch if you need it, so experience is not a requirement. Seriously - I didn't even know how to tag when I started, and here I am, (usually) tagging like a pro!

If you'd like to apply, you can comment below (with your email address please, it will be screened but I'll need a way to contact you :)), or send me a PM! I'm looking for at least one, but up to however many want to apply!

ALSO: As always, if you have any questions/suggestions/comments/complaints/whatever else, don't hesitate to comment on the Contact-A-Mod Post, linked in the sidebar!

Thank you!


Tags: !mod

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