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Kurt/Santana Friendship and Klaine/Santana Friendship

There's a series of one-shots that all take place in what is like cannon add-on and I know are all on the author's livejournal. Basically Blaine, Kurt and Santana are friends in the parts of Glee we don't see. The first one is just Kurt and Santana being awesome, but sad because Blaine and Brittany don't want them and the fic go on to include Blaine when Kurt and Blaine start dating. All or most of the fics take place in Kurt's room and if I remember right in the first one Kurt makes Santana warm milk when she sad about Brittany and if I remember right that's the one where Santana comes to Kurt house drunk. Two stories come to mind: One is places right after Sue's sister's Funeral where Santana goes to Kurt's House and finds Blaine comforting Kurt. Santana does her best to not talk about feelings and cheer up Kurt at the same time. Klaine brings up French films that Santana refuses to watch because of subtitles and by the end of the fic all three of them go somewhere. In the other one, Santana comes into Kurt's room to find Kurt and Blaine listening to a the record. In the author's notes, the author says something along the lines that Glee did an episode centered around an album and the author was doing a story with an album. They don't mention it in the fic, but the album is Blue by Joni Mitchell. Joni is mention in the fic with Santana saying something about her being crazy and Kurt saying something along the lines that genius is hard. Their are lyrics in the fic from the album and one exchange is Santana saying that one of the songs is the saddest song ever, but Kurt says is melancholy and later when a different song comes on he says "This is the saddest song ever." Santana angst a little about Brittany in the fic.
Tags: character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, character: santana lopez, pairing: blaine/kurt, pairing: brittany/santana

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