Iota_Jot (iotajot) wrote in gleefinders,

Looking for Kurt/Burt angst and prompt communities

Hi I'm new to this fandom(Rocky Horror Glee show was my second episode) and I'm finding I'm a huge Kurt fan. Personally I like all my fandom favs hurt(weird I know) and since I've just seen Grilled Cheesus I'm in the mood for hurt/angst Kurt fic, specifically fic in which Burt doesn't survive in this episode. I just want fics in which Burt dies and what goes through/experiences in the aftermath. I searched the Kurt,Family, Burt, Angst and Injury/Illness Tags but didn't really find anything so any help would be appreciated.

I'll also take any fics related in the episode in which Burt doesn't die and we get to see how Kurt is handling his father being so near death

Everything is welcome including self recs and gen. Bonus points for Kurt/Puck slash but its not necessary.

Also, can anyone recommend some good Glee fic prompt communities? I'd like to see whats up for grabs fic wise.

Note:I tried to put every tag that corresponded to this search but please let me know if I missed some or mistagged it in some way.
Tags: category: recs, character: burt hummel, character: kurt hummel, genre: gen, genre: slash, media: fanfic, media: other, theme: angst, theme: death!fic, theme: episode related, theme: hurt/comfort

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