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[mod] Two things

#1 — Dear members who send me personal messages (PMs) via lj,

Please make sure your Contact Info settings on your profile page (scroll down a bit) are set to Receive messages from: Registered Users, otherwise I won't be able to send you my answers.

This is particularly frustrating once I've spent time and effort composing a reply but have no way of getting it to the receiver.

(On the other hand, if you want me to just email you my answer instead that's fine as well, but then please include your email address in your PM.)*

#2 — Dear members who post requests,

I have noticed that some of you seem to have a habit of taking the lovely folks who keep this comm running by finding stuff for you for granted. By this I mean that you don't reply to the answers for your searches, robbing the commenters of the feedback they so richly deserve — a simple thank-you for all their invested time and efforts.

Seeing so many comments with suggestions go ignored and their commenters left disheartened and eventually even bitter makes me a sad, sad panda mod. :-(

Please take this time to remember that while it takes you just a few clicks on the keyboard to post a request it takes those who try to come up with answers for you way longer than that — remembering a story or icon, looking for it among hundreds of files, bookmarks or favorites, then making sure the link is valid, etc. — and they don't even ask you anything for all that time and research. If you have the time to click on the links they provide you with and enjoy what you find there, you should have the time to let them know their efforts have not been wasted.

A small thank-you is really the least we can all do to show our appreciation, and in some way it is also the greatest thing we can do, since we're showing our appreciation and at the same time encouraging folks to keep on looking up stuff for us! It's a win/win, TRUFAX.

To conclude, while my modly capacity doesn't extend as far as twisting arms and sending you to bed without desert to make you be courteous and appreciative, it does make me strive to have a happy comm. I'd like to remind you that it's in all our best interests to keep everyone here happy: happy fanwork seekers and happy fanwork finders make for a happy comm, and you all know how happy you feel when your request is answered, and that you don't feel like spending time on others when you're feeling sad and unappreciated. So let's share the happiness around with those who are the cause of it, and give thanks where thanks are due.**

Thank you for your understanding, and for helping keep this comm such an utterly wonderful place for everyone!

Very fondly,
your mod

* Leaving messages to me, the mod, as edits in an old post — do not count as a means of effective communication. Please don't do it, in fact, go back and delete them from your posts. You can catch me by commenting at any modly post I make or PM me at any time.

** Leaving thanks as edits in a post instead of in replies to comments again does not count. Same goes for leaving a new comment on your own post instead of answering individual comments, that doesn't count either. Please be aware that this is livejournal and not a board or facebook, so to respond properly you need to use the (Reply to this) link below each comment. It might seem like a small difference to you, but to those who either get notified of your response or never find out about it it makes all the difference in the world.
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