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Comm promotion: Kurt/Mike!

Hi, everybody! thexpuzzler and I just started a comm for Kurt/Mike fans and shippers!

Where he meets Prince Charming, but he won't discover that it's him 'till Chapter Three!

We allow any and all fannish creations: fanfic, fanvids, fan art, fanmixes, photo manips, tinhatty news -- as long as it pertains to the Kurt/Mike pairing, it's kosher.

Why do we ship it?
  1. You find really interesting stuff if you do a Glee rewatch and focus on Mike. For example, they stand next to each other in a lot of the musical numbers ("Keep Holding On," "Last Name," "It's My Life/Confessions," "Lean on Me," "Jump," etc.); after the "It's My Life" performance where the boys are all giddy from how well it went (plus the Vitamin D), Mike actually runs across to sort of shake/tickle Kurt -- it's totally adorable; during the "Ride Wit Me" jam, Mike goes over to dance with Kurt and Tina.
  2. "[Mike] seems honestly enthusiastic about Glee to a point where he probably joined up because he loves singing and dancing, and not because he was forced to; he's also kind of goofy and he seems really dorky, and he beams when he gets to dance, so I love that about him." - thexpuzzler
  3. Mike was totally the most attentive guy in the locker room when Kurt taught the football team the "Single Ladies" dance!
  4. If we can't get more Mike in canon (for now), we can make do with fic!
  5. KILLER FASHION. KILLER MOVES. (We're a corny comm. We embrace the cheese.)

Come join us! \o/
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