lizza (naparstnica26) wrote in gleefinders,

Burt unintentionally - or for "better good" hurts Kurt- recs

Looking for stories, where Burt is treating Kurt unfair, blames him for something boy haven't done or hurts him in any possible way for (in his opinion) the best. I've read for example "Forget me not" and "Forget you not" where Burt after the accident forgets Kurt and treats him as unwlecome stranger (especially the "gay" part of him) or "You can't choose" where he burns Kurt's clothes after discovering he's bullied for being gay.

They may include selfharm, bullying, whatever you want as long as optional rape scenes aren't very numerous and as long it's not rapist!Burt.

Both Kurt&Burt happy ending and Kurt hating Burt while the man feels guilty, please. If you have links to stories where Burt's behaviour doesn't change for the better, please write it next to link, similar stories are too depressing sometimes. Thank you :)
Tags: category: recs, character: burt hummel, character: kurt hummel, media: fanfic, theme: abuse/assault, theme: angst, theme: bullying, theme: dark/evil, theme: family

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