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Kurt friendships with boys

So, i like slash, in some fandoms i like it more than het, but when it comes to Glee, the only slash i´m really comfortable with is with guys that are gay in the show. Puck/Kurt is cute, yes, but i would really like fics where they are friends and that's it, nothing more. I think it´s because of the Sam/Finn/Kurt/Burt situation, as if Kurt couldn´t be friends with a guy without it becoming something more. I would like a story where Kurt realices that not all heteros are like Finn, that he doesn't have to limit his friendships to girls and other gays. I have gays friends, and hetero friends, and they are great friends of each other. One of my friends is a man-whore gay version, and isn't shy about sharing all tipe of details, and my hetero and very male friends don´t mind, they laugh at the jokes, offer advice when needed, and only tell him to shut up when the indecency reaches their limits, like any normal person.

So yes, i understand the appeal of giving Kurt another love interest, but are there stories out there where it's just bromance? I really don´t care who is the friend, i said Puck because excluding all the Puck/Kurt slash, in a town like Lima, in HS, with all the posturing and insecurities, etc... i only see Puck as so secure in his sexuality to not mind a gay friend touching (huging, slaping, etc) him.
Tags: category: recs, character: kurt hummel, character: other (male), character: puck - noah puckerman, genre: gen, theme: friendship

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