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[mod] More new tags

Beside adding some new theme and character tags I've cleared things up a bit so now instead of catch-all 'other' tags there are:
character (real person): other
character: other (female)
character: other (male)
pairing: other (male/female)
pairing: other (male/male and female/female)
pairing: other (real people i.e. real person/real person)

and the former threesome tag has been expanded into pairing: threesome and foursome.

If you have any suggestions for other tag changes or new tags, I'd love to hear from you!

P.S. I've noticed that previously unanswered posts have been getting some responses and wanted to thank everyone for that. (Yay *unanswered tag! *g*)

You rock, y'all!

Your mod.
Tags: !mod

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