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[mod] New rule (and some extra tags)

Hi ya'll,

As of today we have a new rule:

Summarize your search in the subject line.

That's it. This will make navigation much easier for those who browse the comm calendar or archive posts for the newsletter (or in their memories, delicious accounts, etc).

You don't need to start each subject with, "I'm looking for..." but something like "the fanvid in which Brittany can see auras," or "any stories in which Artie gets the girl/boy he sets his sights on" — or both, if that's the case — would be grand. :-)

Thank you for helping make this comm even more awesome, and easier to use!

On a related note, I've been adding some extra tags with my aim being to have no less than three posts per tag by the time the year is out. If you have any suggestions for new tags feel free to let me know at any time; just collect three posts (or more) that match it and your new tag will most probably be made.

For now I'd like to point out the new *unanswered tag: it covers all searches not answered after one week. Meaning, you can add it once your request hasn't been successfully fulfilled after at least seven days have passed, but not earlier — adding it as soon as you post will make me frown, so don't do it, please.
And if you have some extra time please check out the unanswered requests and see if you can make someone's day by answering some. :-)

Here I'd like to remind you all that if the specific fanwork you were looking for has been found you should add the *found tag to your post. If you don't confirm or deny that the suggestion you got was correct the awesome folks who tried to find whatever it was for you won't know whether they should keep on looking. So please be nice to your fellow fans and use the tags, yes? 'Cause that will make you awesome, too! :-)
Folks seem to have been forgetting this rule, and I don't want to have to come up with a punishment just for this. (But if you think that would be a good idea feel free to weigh in with your opinions!)

I'm editing the rules right now to reflect these new additions. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns feel free to contact me here or use the Contact-the-Mod post for added privacy (don't forget to put "Private!" in the subject line).


your mod :-)
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