crazysnape (crazysnape) wrote in gleefinders,

puckurt with sexually abusive Will/Kurt

I'm searching a particular story.

Mr Schuester invited Kurt to his apartment for a special rehearsal and raped him.  Kurt doen't say anything to anyone but  feels really bad and is afraid of Mr shue. At the end He leaves the Glee club. For some reson I can't remember Puck discover the true and end up leave the club too. The other are angry. Puck and Kurt became very good friends. It's kind them against the rest of the world. They managed to make peace will the other member of glee and one day Puck is eating his lunch with the other when he noticed Kurt isn't trere. He ask is someone know where he is and I think Rachel say Mr schuester is talking to him to him to convince him to come back. Puck run to search Kurt, And when he found them, they are In Mr shue office and he is trying to rape Kurt once more.

I don't remember how it end, but does that ring any bell to you ?


Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: kurt hummel, character: puck - noah puckerman, character: will schuester, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: kurt/other, pairing: kurt/puck, pairing: will/other, theme: friendship, theme: rape/dub-con

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