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The 'authors who are a no-go' mod post

As there's been an increased number of searches for deleted or no longer accessible stories (and other fanworks) I'd like to do a quick recap and remind all our wonderful members that this comm believes in authors having a say about what happens with their fanworks, period. This means that you cannot search for the works of authors who do not want their removed, deleted or just locked fanworks shared by fans among themselves (or reposted, translated, etc.) at this comm, because we'll shake our heads at you in a disappointed manner and delete your post or comment as soon as we spot it.

List of authors who are a no-goCollapse )

tl;dr If your fave fanwork is not where it used to be try web searching it first, contacting the author second, check this post and previous deleted/removed searches here next, and if none of those can give you answers only then post a search of your own. The mods here will contact authors for you but your post will be deleted until we hear back from them, or you remind us that we haven't heard back from them and it's been over a month, so be proactive! And don't be a jerk. Because jerks make Brittany cry, and no one wants to see her cry. :-)

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