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New addition to our searches: prompts!

Hi all,

We just wanted to let you all know that due to reasons beyond fen reach *cough*the current state of*cough* this comm will now also allow prompt searches. What this means is:

— Yes, you can look for a prompt you can't find, or for prompts of a certain type or theme i.e. prompt recs.

— No, you cannot ask folks to fill a prompt, encourage filling of prompts, or ask if a certain prompt exists — that's what the prompting (or meme) comms are for, as well as your personal journals.

You can use the media: other tag on your prompt searches until we have more posts of this kind and can give them a tag of their own. We hope all your searches are fruitful!


your mods

P.S. Did you know: fan studies have shown a simple 'thanks' can keep responders feeling happy and appreciated for an infinite period of time, making them likely to keep coming back to answer requests indefinitely! Totally trufax. Would we lie to you? *halo*
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