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[mod] Quick intro into Comment Spam Busting 101

It looks like (anonymous) spam comments have reared their annoying heads again on seemingly random posts (old and new) so here's a quick how-to into dealing with them:

  • if the spam is on an entry you posted, here's what to do:
    - tick the ticky box next to the offending comment(s)
    - at the bottom of the page choose Delete as Spam (from the Mass action on comments drop-down menu) and click Perform Action

    Spam Busting 101

  • if it's not on your own post let the mods i.e. us know and we'll jump to the post with our spam-busters a-blazing

  • if the spam is not anonymous lj does not want you to report that user as a bot; for further details you can check out the lj FAQ article How do I mark a comment as spam? What does this option do?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions they're welcome both here and at the usual contact-a-mod post.

Now let's bust some spam! *g*
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