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Wanted: co-mod, please apply below

Hi y'all,

As my co-mod is still indisposed (hope you get well soon, hon!) I find myself in need of another helping hand with running the comm (and basically making sure the posts are looking good, the rules are followed, and the tags are in ship-shape).

If you'd like to apply all you really need is to be familiar with all the comm rules (there's no quiz, but you'll be upholding them) and have some basic lj know-how (tackling tags, managing posts and comments, explaining the same to newbies, etc).

I'm here to help you in any way I can, including showing you everything from scratch if you need it, so experience is not a requirement.

You can leave a comment, send a PM, or contact me via any medium provided on my profile. I look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. I was also wondering whether adding a post for anon searches in its comment would be a good addition to the comm; on the one hand anons would be able to make searches as well, on the other folks with lj accounts might not bother to make posts if they could just ask them anon and thus the comm would lose valuable resources of requests searchable via tags and calendar.
Anyways, those are my thoughts; let me know what you think in the comments!
Tags: !mod

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