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[mod] New pairing and character tags

I went on a tag-wrangling spree and the comm now has a bunch of new pairing tags, and a few new character tags. (I think I've only removed one old underused pairing tag, but if you're tracking any of them you might want to check your tracking settings just to make sure they're okay anyway.)

The new tags for characters are:

The pairing (RP): other has been slightly renamed, as you can see, and the new pairing tags are:

As you can see there are a lot of new character/other tags; the way they work is: you need to add one or two for a pairing that doesn't have its own tag. E.g. Blaine/Puck is covered by Blaine/other + Puck/other, but Lauren/Puck only by Puck/other, as there's no Lauren tag (yet).

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone who's left answers on our *unanswered posts -- you guys are rock stars!
(And a gentle reminder to the posters whose -- perhaps long forgotten -- previously unanswered requests are answered to not ignore them, as an answer is an answer is an answer and deserves kudos just the same. ^_^ )

If you any questions, doubts or complaints please let me know; same goes for any other comments, opinions or complaints.

your mod
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