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Puck starts being the nurse at McKinley

I have this story saved on my mp3, but it's not finished and I didn't save the title so now I don't where to go and find the rest of it. It's about Puck that starts being the nurse at school after Terry gets fired. No one knows about this and Puck is always late at Glee and no one knows that it's because he's the nurse and Figgins writes him notes to let him skip Glee. And then Kurt has to go have his wrist checked and he finds Puck there so he keeps going there to be with Puck but they don't really talk to each other.

Then Kurt gets a cold but he has started to have a crush on Puck so he doesn't tell Puck that he's sick until Puck hears him coughing.

This is part of the part I have saved:
"What the hell is this crap?"

The freshman quailed under Noah Puckerman's glare. "It's...uh...note from my mom?" Said note quickly became a mini-basketball as Puck tossed it into the trash. The kid blinked. "Hey! I need-"

"Hey?" Puck snorted. "If I hear you ever get that loud when I'm talking to you again, and you're not begging me not to light your ass on fire, your shirt is going to be eating your lunch for the next month, got it?" The freshman nodded quickly. "And you don't need it because you're not sick."

"But I-"

"But I- Whut-huh?" Puck mocked, making a face. "Did I stutter, brace-face? Did I? You're not sick." The freshman looked panicked, his eyes flickering back and forth between the door and Puck. "Next time, do a half convincing forge of your mom's signature and I'll let you ditch. That was pathetic." The freshman's eyes went wide. "Come on, I've been forging my mom's signature since I was like, ten. Hint, loser," and as Puck spoke he put a hand on the kid's head and forcibly turned the freshman towards the door, "We might not know how to spell principal, but your mom does. Bye bye lamebrain."

With that, Puck pushed the freshman out of the nurse's office. He rolled his eyes. When he was a freshman (what, two years ago already?), people at least came up with believable lies for the nurse. The new meat was pathetic.

Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: kurt hummel, character: puck - noah puckerman, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: kurt/puck, theme: illness/injury, theme: job

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