November 17th, 2021

Looking for a Kurt/Blaine fic

I’m looking for a Kurt and Blaine fic. Blaine is traveling in a car with the warblers and they come across an old farm after something breaks down on the car. They stop to call for help and it’s somewhat of a commune but not entirely. Kurt’s there and lives mostly with Quinn and Beth, though most of the others stop by at some point. Kurt fixes the car after the warblers stay overnight. Kurt is also an artist. Blaine and the warblers leave, but Blaine makes an excuse to go back to the farm as kind of a last hurrah before college. They spend time together and then eventually Kurt gets drafted. I can’t remember if this was Korea or Vietnam but it was one of those two wars. Blaine tried to enlist as well but he’s disqualified. Kurt insists that he won’t fight so eventually they assign him to medic training. In the meantime Blaine sticks around and mopes the loss of Kurt. Kurt eventually goes on a mission where the chopper he’s on crashes and he almost dies from a severely broken limb. He is sent home and klaine is back together.

I’ve tried all the keywords I can think of but nothing pops up. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.