September 12th, 2019

Looking for a kurt-centric fic

In the fic, Blaine texts Kurt to meet him at the park. He does, and Blaine breaks up with him. Then kurt calls mercedes and mercedes just blows him off, so he calls Santana and she comes and picks him up. Then its centered around Kurt, Brittney, Quinn, and Santana's friendship while Blaine is a massive jerk and tries to get him back.

It was either on AO3 or, I read it last year and I can't find it.

Looking for 2 fics

Hi All

I am looking for two different stories. 2 different pairings

First story. Kurt breaks up with a boyfriend. him and Dave Karofsky are friends. Dave starts dating a guy and Kurt gets jealous. In the end Kurt and Dave accidentally Marry each other and have to stay married cause Dave;s grandma is there.

Story two It's Mike Chang and Kurt. It's future fic Kurt and Mike meet when Kurt comes into Mike's dad's Dry cleaners. It's a longish Friendship turn to Romance.

Any help on both would be grand