July 8th, 2018

Kurt/Blaine FWB at Dalton Story FOUND

This is probably a complete long shot since I'm almost positive I had this story bookmarked on my browser but here it goes:

This is a Klaine story written sometime in 2011-2012 but before season 4 started airing that took place while Kurt and/or just Blaine were at Dalton. I can't remember what led to it but the boys decide to become Friends With Benefits so they can get experience. I remember there being a scene in the Navigator where they had sex and it was a longer story. I know that towards the end they have sex and Kurt leaves right after and goes back to Lima or is heading back to Lima and he goes back to Dalton and there's a big hey uhhh I kind of love you lets be boyfriends yay!

Also yes there is a story similar to this that's all in Blaine's POV where he and Kurt agree over the course of a few months get experience and eventually become boyfriends. I've re-read that one recently and do indeed love it still. But it's sadly not this fic.

So any help is very much appreciated!

EDIT 7/9/18: Found on AO3 linking here in case anyone else would like to read the fic https://archiveofourown.org/works/170327 it's called The List Series by preromantics whose journal has been purged but thankfully still has an AO3 account!